Interested in having AgroFides work with your farm or cooperative?

AgroFides' mission is to address the difficulties that farmers have in securing loans and credit by establishing a process that ensures proper client selection and appropriate loan size to meet farmers' needs and potential. Additionally, our process includes robust, but cost-effective monitoring activities. The process allows AgroFides to reduce the high-interest rate that farmers receive, in order to eliminate the poverty trap that stifles many borrowers.

Our main objective when working with farmers is to make farms more profitable, while also making positive social and environmental impacts. We believe that making farms more profitable will ensure the financial success of AgroFides. Unlike many microfinance institutions and banks, AgroFides will operate close to the farmers that we work with because their success is our success.

Service to farmers

AgroFides field team collaborates with cooperatives and farmer-based organizations (FBOs). We provide research-based farming techniques with the employment of scientific tools and agrarian practices to ensure farmers are viable for investing. In addition, we offer agricultural tools that are traditionally cost-prohibitive for one farmer.

Assessment, Education and Guidance

AgroFides takes a holistic approach to assist small and medium-scale farmers. Through a proper assessment of a farmer, we're able to gauge their ability to repay loans or make good on capital investment and their potential for growth in their farming and business practices. Combined with our assessment is a focus on education to ensure that farmers can maximize the potential benefits of lenders' capital. Extension agents are able to provide in-person training and resources to farmers.

Resources to Farmers

Loans facilitated through the AgroFides platform are distributed in a combination of direct cash payment to farmers and credit for input and agricultural services directly to input and service providers. With a higher bargaining power due to our ability to consolidate the needs of farmers, AgroFides enters into agreements with input and services providers to reduce the cost of these variables.