AgroFides is a business development and capital resourcing partner for farmers, as well as a marketplace for lenders to make impact loans to farmers. We leverage technology and agricultural expertise to assess creditworthiness and support small and medium-scale farmers in developing countries and emerging markets in securing capital and services.

We assess the creditworthiness of farmers by addressing the five key components of credit:

  • We evaluate the character of farmers and their seriousness about their farming operations.
  • We then assess the capital that the farmers have invested in their farming operations.
  • We consider all collateral available for a potential loan.
  • We consider the borrower's capacity to repay a loan.
  • Finally, we ensure that the terms of the loans are appropriate for borrowers.

The information from the five C's is used in developing robust models that generate the Fides Score. We provide this Fides Score to lenders in order to help them identify which farming operations to engage with.

What is a Fides Score?

The Fides Score is a platform for collecting and analyzing pertinent data about farmers, which generates a "trust" score for the farmers. The Fides Score is more than an analytical tool; it comprises the process that ensures proper client selection and appropriate loan size to meet farmers' needs and potential.

Our Services

Services to Farmers

AgroFides' field team collaborates with cooperatives and provides research-based farming techniques with the employment of scientific tools and agrarian practices to ensure farmers are viable for loans. In addition, we offer agricultural tools that are traditionally cost-prohibitive for a single farmer.

Services to Lenders

AgroFides provides a platform to help lenders identify attractive farming operations based on their personal risk profiles. Our platform allows for the seamless lending to farming operations to take place. We offer lenders the opportunity to diversify their portfolio by lending their capital across multiple notes to reduce risk. In addition, AgroFides ensures that the loans provided to farmers are used for agricultural purposes, as well as facilitates the loan repayment.